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Cat/Dog food recall

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Mar. 17th, 2007 | 08:33 am
posted by: writing_minutia in petucation

Not exactly on topic but I hope the Mod will forgive me... I figure since we are all broke, a lot of us use generic brands.

Menu Foods, who manufactures generic brands such as President's Choice, Special Kitty, Compliments and many, many others (over 40), are doing a voluntary recall of specific lots from 2 plants. There have been suspicious deaths that cannot be connected to the food directly (no evidence of chemical toxins/poisoning, food borne viruses/bacteria, nothing) but all the owners who called appear to have bought food manufactured at specific plants around the same time.

The news reports this morning are saying there is a cat/dog food recall in the United States but not Canada. They are running off of reports from last night- this morning shows Canada was affected. So check your cat/dog food to see if yours is on the list.


Check those labels! Probably no reason to be scared, but better to be save and check than to leave it.

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